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WARNING: If you're expecting bright neon colors, cliche 90's attire and contrived, karaoke style've come to the wrong place. 90's rock-n-roll was never about that...ever.

BROADCAST 90: THE ULTIMATE 90'S ROCK TRIBUTE takes you back to the glory days of guitar driven rock - an eclectic buffet of all the best in 90's radio rock - performed exactly like the original recordings. No hiding behind gimmicks or costumes - Broadcast 90 brings you a high-energy 90's rock show that will take you back to a time when alt-rock ruled the airwaves.

One band, one spread the gospel of 90's rock-n-roll to the masses! It's a 90's throw down like no other you'll experience.

Hailing from Middle Georgia USA, Broadcast 90: The Ultimate 90's Rock Tribute was formed in late 2015 to pay homage to the last golden decade of guitar driven rock: the 1990’s. The goal was to assemble an all-star super group of seasoned players to give the genre its proper due. Each member of Broadcast 90 has clocked thousands of hours in both the studio and stage and have performed all over the United States, not to mention performing with some of the most iconic 90’s music artists including Sister Hazel, Drivin’ n Cryin’, Sugar Ray and more...

Known for their ability to sound exactly like your favorite 90's rock radio hits - Broadcast 90 specializes in replicating the studio recordings of the 90's rock genre - bringing them to life on stage in an authentic concert experience. Their attention to detail and musicianship is the reason why many are already referring to them as the nation's premier 90's rock tribute. Sure, there are other bands who look the part, but Broadcast 90 is a true as it gets to an authentic 90's rock experience, with a high-energy, concert style show.

From Matchbox Twenty to the Stone Temple Pilots, It’s no holds barred, as Broadcast 90 combines a heavy dose of 90's rock with an energetic, over the top, arena style show that is guaranteed to keep you singing song after song, all night long!


What others are saying

"Broadcast 90 is hands down, the best 90's rock tribute around. AN authentic, HIGH-ENERGY SHOW With An engaging set list THAT IS beyond compare."

Tim Obelgoner, Owner, Hummingbird Stage & Taproom, Macon, GA 

"THERE IS NO OTHER BAND I KNOW OF THAT CAN COVER the 90's Rock genre as accurately as broadcast 90. It's high energy, entertaining and memorable. If you're looking for something to do, you can't go wrong with a broadcast 90 show!"


"SAW THESE guys last night at the house of blues in N. myrtle beach. Might be the best cover band i've ever seen. still not sure how they sound 'exactly' like every band they cover, but they do. loved their show"

George rudnitsky, n. myrtle beach, sc

"By Far The Best 90's Mainstream Rock and Alternative Cover Bands I've Ever Heard. Definitely one of my top 3 of every Band I've seen and heard play, In The 15 years I've been at Coyotes Nightclub."


"Awesome show at Madlife! one of the most fun live bands I've seen and I saw a lot of the bands THEY covered. For anyone who lived in ATL during the 90s, it was like a grand return of alt rock station 99x! And great costumes to get in the spirit of Halloween. Highly recoMMEND anyone reading this TO catch BROADCAST 90 at a future show!"

Eric Hyman, Acworth, GA

"They killed it. Temple of the dog? Who does that? who 'can' even do that? And I mean do it well."

BC Villanova, Lead singer of villa*nova, Columbia, SC (

"I was blown away WITH THE STP SONGS b90 performed at tailfins. Absolutely incredible."

robert becton (Bec-tones live events), tailfins ale house and oyster bar, destin, fl

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